The Vampire's Ball Episode February 25, 2012

Broadcast on 25-Feb-2012 Part 1

12:00am - 4:00am

Music from Borghesia, Die Warzau, Drowing Susan, c0ndu1t, Download, Foetus, Halo In Reverse, maQLu, Hilt, Noizefer CWU, SPK, NON, Controlled Bleeding, Einstuerzende Neubauten, The Legendary Pink Dots, Nurse With Wound, Malhavoc, Pigface, Swamp Terrorists, and Stiff Valentine.

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Track Listing:

Rumors [After Midnight Mix]
Borghesia · 20th Century - Selected Songs
Bodybag [Dub Edit]
Die Warzau · Disco Rigido
Drowning Susan · The End of Everything
The Pressure
c0ndu1t · Year of the Dead
H Sien Influence
Download · The Eyes of Stanley Pain
(You've Got Me Confused With) Someone Who Cares
Foetus · Flow
They've Taken Me Away
Halo In Reverse · Halo In Reverse
XIV Temperance
maQLu · The Maqlu Tarot
Hilt · Journey to the Centre of the Bowl
Odd Theory
Noizefer CWU · Pantonalite (Part A)
Cry From The Sanatorium
SPK · Leichenschrei
Knife Ladder
NON · Knife Ladder
Controlled Bleeding · Plegm Bag Spattered
Yu-Gung [Adrian Sherwood Mix]
Einstuerzende Neubauten · Halber Mensch
Catch A Match. A Bang Bang. A Flashing Fist O' Crackerjack. A Smack. A Lick. A C
The Legendary Pink Dots · Chemical Playschool 8 & 9
Sugarbush vs. the Swinging Snares
Nurse With Wound · Second Pirate Session
Malhavoc · The Lazarus Complex
Pigface · Gub
Dive-Right Jab (Till You Drop)
Swamp Terrorists · Industrial Revolution Third Edition: Rare & Unreleased
World Apart [Slave Unit Remix]
Stiff Valentine · America Inbreeding
Suck My Turbin
Toxic Coma · Satan Rising
Wasted Sky
Numb · Wasted Sky
Out of Mind [Spoken Mix]
Nitzer Ebb · In Order
Laibach · Opus Dei
For the Rest of My Life
Gary Numan · Dead Son Rising
The Run
Doubting Thomas · The Infidel
The 4th Dimension
DEVO · Shout
I'm Deranged
David Bowie · Outside
bauhaus · in the flat field
Manic Melody [Hairy Beary]
Chris & Cosey · Heartbeat
Coil · Stolen and Contaminated Songs
Copyright · Love Story
Insane Asylum
Diamanda Galas · The Singer
Buried Alive
Front Line Assembly · Artificial Soldier
A Frog Bit Me
Kill City Kids · Fat Kids First
Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?
Revolting Cocks · Linger Ficken' Good...
Virtual Gods
Psy'Aviah · Introspection Extrospection
Moev · Ventilation
Country Boner [Dirty Robot Mix]
Puscifer · V Is For Viagra - the Remixes
Look At U [Deadmau5 Remix]
Julien-K · Death to Digital [Bonus Remix Disc]
Don't Blow Your Top [Adrian Sherwood Mix]
KMFDM · Extra Volume 1
Devil Bunnies
My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult · Kooler Than Jesus
I Play Computer! [Workman's Comp Mix by the Gothsicles]
Caustic · 666 On the Crucifix