The Vampire's Ball Episode January 7, 2012

Broadcast on 07-Jan-2012 Part 1

12:00am - 4:00am

Non-exhaustive survey of some of my favorite tracks of 2011, including music from Caustic, Depeche Mode, Haujobb, Decree, Skinny Puppy, ohGr, Army of the Universe, Atari Teenage Riot, The Great AmeriCon, iVardensphere, KMFDM, Econoline Crush, 16Volt, Dismantled, the Birthday Massacre, Skold, Puscifer, Left Spine Down, Aesthetic Perfection, BlakOPz, Psy'Aviah, and Imperative Reaction.

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Track Listing:

I Play Computer [Workman's Comp Mix By The Gothsicles]
Caustic · 666 On The Crucifix
Behind The Wheel [Mark Picchiotti Re Edit]
Depeche Mode · Behind The Wheel 2011
Machine Drum
Haujobb · New World March
Decree · Fateless
Skinny Puppy · Handover
ohGr · unDeveloped
Army of the Universe
Digital Decay
Atari Teenaged Riot · Is This Hyperreal?
The Great AmeriCon · Presents Cry For Death Vol. 1
The Wasteland That Is Me
16volt · Beating Dead Horses
Disease [VF Mix]
Dismantled · Presents Cry For Death Vol. 1
Pale [Kevvy Mental & Dave Ogilvie 'Rubber Unicorn' Mix]
The Birthday Massacre · Imaginary Monsters
Suck [Down On Your Knees Front Line Assembly Remix]
Skold · Suck
The Rapture [Fear Is A Mind Killa Mix]
Puscifer · Conditions of My Parole
Left Spine Down · Caution
The Bitter Years [Stratanz Mix]
Aesthetic Perfection · Presents Cry For Death Vol. 1
it's Not Human V.2
BlakOPz · Presents Cry For Death Vol. 1
Human Garbage
Psy'Aviah · Introspection Extrospection
Imperative Reaction · Surface
A Frog Bit Me
Kill City Kids · Fat Kids First
Dream Come True
Maqlu ·
Lustmord · Songs Of Gods and Demons
TRS-80 · Horizons
Mein Land [Mogwai Mix]
Rammstein · Mein Land
Dead Sun Rising
Gary Numan · Dead Son Rising
Faith In Yesterday [Kevvy Mental Remix]
The Rabid Whole · Autraumaton Remixed
This Morn' Omina · L'unification des Forces Opposantes
Juice [Feed Me Support Me Mixxx]
Revolting Cocks · Got Mixxx?
Superjet [Vince Clortho Remix]
Raggedy Angry
Witness [Sin City Remix by HiJacker]
Jakalope · Presents Cry For Death Vol. 1