The Vampire's Ball Episode December 29, 2011

Broadcast on 29-Dec-2011

4:58am - 7:30am

A little bonus - I was filling in for Ryan [Butta on the Bread] and Fleur [Are You Aware]. Both shows are pretty eclectic, so I figured I'd take the opportunity to play some of my favorite music from 2011, including stuff that doesn't fit the Vampire's Ball's format.

So, we have everything from indie rock to Jackson Five-influenced rock to some of the noisy experimental stuff you'd expect to hear from me.

Music from maQLu, Mother Mother, Louise Burns, Sun Wizard, Jackie Valentine, Rat Silo, Econoline Crush, Left Spine Down, iVardensphere, Skinny Puppy, prOphecy Sun, Kill City Kids, Braids and Synthcake.

Back with a regular Vampire's Ball tomorrow night [assuming I can gain access to the station to come in with the holiday hours].

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