The Vampire's Ball Episode October 8, 2011

Broadcast on 08-Oct-2011 Part 1

12:00am - 4:00am

Tracks in this part of the show this week from Atari Teenage Riot, Alter der Ruine, Depeche Mode, KMFDM, Zeromancer, New Order, Imperative Reaction, Blue Stahli, Borghesia, Orange Sector, Orgy, Nine Inch Nails, Download, Chemlab, Skold, Sonic Death Rabbit, Suicide Commando, Tactical Sekt, Public Image Limited, Candle Nine, Combichrist, Djoto, and Squarehead.

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Track Listing:

Digital Decay
Atari Teenage Riot · Is This Hyperreal?
Relax and Ride It [Handlebar Mix by Memmaker]
Alter Der Ruine · Endzeit Bunkertracks
Behind the Wheel [Mark Picchiotti Re-edit]
Depeche Mode · Behind the Wheel 2011
Take It Like A Man
Need You Like A Drug
Zeromancer · Need You Like A Drug
Bizarre Love Triangle
New Order · Total from Joy Division to New Order
Imperative Reaction · Imperative Reaction
Corner [Lost Sitar ReMix V3.0]
Blue Stahli · Presents Cry For Death vol. 1
Borghesia · 20th Century - Selected Songs
Body Smashing
Orange Sector · The War Comes Home
Fiction [Dreams In Digital]
Orgy · Vapor Transmission
The Wretched
Nine Inch Nails · Things Falling Apart
H Sien Influence
Download · The Eyes of Stanley Pain
Chemical Halo [Drag-Strip Download]
Chemlab · Suture
Suck [Suck and Mop Up 16volt Remix]
Skold · Suck
Dead Rabbit Lullabye
Sonic Death Rabbit · Creatures
Come to Me [V2.0]
Suicide Commando · The Suicide Sessions
Not Going To Work That Way
Tactical Sekt · Syncope
1/2 Mix Megamix
Public Image Limited · Plastic Box
Icarus Descending
Candle Nine · The Muse In The Machine
Combichrist · Noise Collection vol. 1
Subway Noir
Djoto · Slow Motion Burn
Metal and Leather
Squarehead · Voltage Controlled Body Music
Front Line Assembly · Angriff
More Bass In All Frequencies
Shaolyn · Endzeit Bunker Tracks
I'm Not Gay [I'm So Gay Club Mix]
Revolting Cocks · Sex-O MiXXX-O
Queen B [Glitched and Bent Mix]
Puscifer · V Is For Viagra - The Remixes
Zone 4
Edward Ka-Spel · Dream Loops
Excessive Force · Gentle Death
Faderhead · Trilogy
Sin City [KMFDM Remix]
Genitorturers · Machine Love
I:Scintilla · Optics
War Pimp Renaissance
Lard · Pure Chewing Satisfaction
Secret October
Duran Duran · Seven and the Ragged Tiger
Nothing To Fear
Left Spine Down · Caution
Totally Fucked Up
Malhavoc · Get Down
Maqlu ·
Bitch [Mattress Mix]
Pigface · Easy Listening For Difficult Fuckheads
Burn Your Gods
Raggedy Angry · How I Learned to Love Our Robot Overlords
Astonishing Panorama of the Endtimes
Marilyn Manson · Disposible Teens
Six Sick Suck
Fake Shark Real Zombie · Meeting People Is Terrible
Drek Kick [feat. Rabbit Junk]
Cyanotic · The Medication Generation
Nitzer Ebb · Industrial Complex
Once You Say
Nitzer Ebb · Industrial Complex