The Vampire's Ball Episode October 1, 2011

Broadcast on 01-Oct-2011 Part 1

12:00am - 4:00am

This week I kick off October with a blast of Canadian industrial and electro. Just because.

Part 1 has music from iVardensphere, Iszoloscope, The Tear Garden [OK, not wholy Canadian, but halfway there], Hilt, Skinny Puppy, and Jakalope.

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Track Listing:

Jigsaw [Speak Mix by Maqlu]
iVardensphere · Remixes vol. 1
Virus [Outbreak]
iVardensphere · Presents Cry For Death Vol. 1
The Sum of Us All [iVardensphere Remix]
Iszoloscope · Beyond Within
The Unsettled
Iszoloscope · Beyond Within
Heard Voices [Xenocode Remix]
Iszoloscope · Beyond Within
The Tear Garden · Sheila Liked the Rodeo
Do It Yourself From A-Z Part 1
The Tear Garden · Sheila Liked the Rodeo
Keep The Bomb Under Your Coat
The Tear Garden · Sheila Liked the Rodeo
Orange Pony
Hilt · Orange Pony
White Stuff
Hilt · Orange Pony
Dee Down Trauma Hounds [Remix]
Skinny Puppy · 12" Anthology
Skinny Puppy · The Singles
Skinny Puppy · Last Rights
Killing Game
Skinny Puppy · Last Rights
Skinny Puppy · The Process
skinny puppy · the process
Nothing Nowhere
Jakalope · It Dreams
Jakalope · It Dreams
Witness [Sin City Remix by HiJacker]
Jakalope · Presents Cry For Death Vol. 1
Ready Or Not [Zardonic Remix]
Left Spine Down · Presents Cry For Death Vol. 1
Left Spine Down · Caution
Policy of Hypocrisy [Philthy Download Mix]
Left Spine Down · Voltage 2.3
Thermonuclear Something Or Other [Maqlu Remix]
Virtual Terrorist · Fragments
Angel Lust [Ghost Frequency Remix]
Fake Shark Real Zombie
Sick Thoughts
Raggedy Angry · How I Learned to Love Our Robot Overlords
XX Judgement
Maqlu · The Maqlu Tarot
Herbalist Rule
cEvin Key · Music For Cats
Paws Off
Maqlu ·
Download · Helicopter
Download · Helicopter
Mother Sonne [Remixed by NEWT]
Download · Industrial Revolution 3
Download · Sidewinder
Seven Plagues
Download · The Eyes of Stanley Pain
Chateau Plateau
Plateau · Music For Grass Bars
White Widow
Plateau · Music For Grass Bars
PlatEAU · Gort Spacebar
It's OK If Your Bells Are Digital
Phil Western · DAT Hell
Space Cafe
Plateau · Gort Spacebar
Where Are You Transporting Yourself
Kone · Trips 2004 EP
The Party's Over
Phil Western · DAT Hell
Faith In Yesterday [Kevvy Mental Dead Souls Mix
The Rabid Whole · Autraumaton Remixed
Pale [Kevvy Mental & Dave Ogilvie "Rubber Unicorn Mix"]
The Birthday Massacre · Imaginary Monsters