The Vampire's Ball Episode August 20, 2011

Broadcast on 20-Aug-2011 Part 1

12:00am - 4:00am

Tracks from the new compilation Cry For Death kick off the show: Left Spine Down, iVardensphere, Jakalope, KMFDM, The Gothsicles, Aesthetic Perfection and the Great AmeriCon, plus tracks from Raggedy Angry, Maqlu, bananaSLOTH, Kill City Kids, Systemshock, Psy'Aviah, RevCo, Skinny Puppy, 16volt, Suicide Commando, IAMX, I:Scintilla, Laibach, Malhavoc, Orgy, and Marilyn Manson.

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Track Listing:

Ready or Not [Zardonic Remix
Left Spine Down · Presents: Cry For Death vol. 1
Virus [Outbreak]
iVardensphere · Presents: Cry For Death vol. 1
Witness [Sin City Mix by HiJacker]
Jakalope · Presents: Cry For Death vol. 1
Come On-Go Off [Rotersand Mix]
KMFDM · Presents: Cry For Death vol. 1
Electro Bitch
Technikult of Flesh · Presents: Cry For Death vol. 1
INFL8-R [XuberX Remix]
The Gothsicles · Presents: Cry For Death vol. 1
The Bitter Years [Straftanz]
Aesthetic Perfection · Presents: Cry For Death vol. 1
The Great AmeriCon · Presents: Cry For Death vol. 1
Superjet [Vince Clortho Remix]
Raggedy Angry · n/a
XX Judgement
Maqlu · The Maqlu Tarot
I Love to Ride the Shinkansen
bananaSLOTH · Zombie Battle 2019!
Sword Swallowing Machine
Kill City Kids · Fat Kids First
You're Fake I'm Real
Systemshock · Virus-Electro
Sweet Hard Revenge
Psy'Aviah · Eclectric
Abundant Redundancy [Clockworks and Cold Steel Mix]
Revolting Cocks · Sex-O MiXXX-O
K Storm
Skinny Puppy · Back & Forth 7
16volt · Beating Dead Horses
Suicide Commando · The Suicide Sessions
Nature of Inviting [black light odyssey remix]
IAMX · Dogmatic Infidel Comedown OK
I:Scintilla · Optics
Wir Tanzen Ado Hinkel [Zeta Reticula Mix]
Laibach · Anthems
Malhavoc · The Lazarus Complex
Orgy · Candyass
Ka-boom Ka-boom
Marilyn Manson · The Golden Age of Grotesque
Momma Sed [Tandimonium Mix]
Puscifer · V Is For Viagra - The Remixes
The Devil's Rodeo
Diamanda Galas · The Sportin Life
Places That Don't Exist
Conjure One · Exilarch
Spiel Mit Mir
Rammstein · Sehnsucht
Many Hands [With Coil]
Boyd Rice · The Way I Feel
Burn Away
The Birthday Massacre · Imaginary Monsters EP
Combichrist · Making Monsters
Papa Papa Revers
Dead Voices On Air · Fast Falls The Eventide
Broken Hearts
Brume · After the Battle
Einstuerzende Neubauten · Kollaps
White Stuff
Hilt · Orange Pony
Language Recovery
Whitehouse · Asceticists 2006
Xykogen · Endzeit Bunker Tracks Act V: Disc 3 Damage
Never Wanted to Dance [Uncensored Electro Hurtz Mix]
Mindless Self Indulgence
Raudivian Device [Mangadrive Remix]
Iszoloscope · Beyond Within
William Control · Noir
Flirt [With Me]
Zeromancer · Clone Your Lover
Suck [Down On Your Knees Front Line Assembly Remix]
Skold · Suck
Sefiros · Stop Becoming
Union of the Snake [Monkey Mix]
Duran Duran · Night Versions