The Vampire's Ball Episode July 16, 2011

Broadcast on 16-Jul-2011 Part 1

12:00am - 4:00am

New Econoline Crush, God Module, Imperative Reaction, also Excessive Force, Faderhead, iVardensphere, Iszoloscope, Project Pitchfork, In Strict Confidence, IAMX, HausHetaere, Decree, Dream Syndicate, Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, Dead Voices On Air, Cyanotic, and Conjure One.

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Track Listing:

Econoline Crush · The People Have Spoken vol. 1
Violent Peace
Excessive Force · Gentle Death
Faderhead · Black Friday
Jigsaw (Speak Mix by Maqlu)
iVardensphere · Remixes Vol. 1
The Path of Totalitarianism
Iszoloscope · Beyond Within
Passion (Renegade of Noise Remix by Daniel Myer)
Project Pitchfork · Remixed
God Module
Imperative Reaction
Rain (Extended Version)
In Strict Confidence · Silver Bullets
An I For An I (Unfall X-Mess Remix)
IAMX · Dogmatic Infidel Comedown OK
Sunshine Is My Destroyer
HausHetaere · Endzeit Bunker Tracks Act V
Fire of Judgement
Decree · Moment of Silence
Moment of Silence
Decree · Moment of Silence
Scorched Earth
Decree · Moment of Silence
Used Dreams
Decree · Moment of Silence
Tell Me When It's Over
Dream Syndicate · The Days of Wine and Roses
Cut Down
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry · Cut Down
Eyes I Dare Not Meet In Dreams
Dead Voices On Air · From Afar All Stars Spark and Glee
Cyanotic · The Medication Generation
Places That Don't Exist
Conjure One · Exilarch
Baptized In Blood
The Electric Hellfire Club · Satan's Little Helpers
Einstuerzende Neubauten · Kollaps
DJOto · Slow Motion Burn
Code Six [Wrist Slit Mix]
Element DCLXVI · Gears Gone Wild
Abort (XP8 Mix)
Everything Goes Cold vs. XP8 · Gears Gone Wild
Peeling Back the Foreskin of Liberty
Lard · Pure Chewing Satisfaction
Dream It Dead (Exclusive Mix)
MindFluxFuneral · Gears Gone Wild
Mother Inferior Got Her Gun
Marilyn Manson · Get Your Gunn
Godlike - Doglike
KMFDM · Retro
Flip the Switch (Flick the Stitch remix by KMFDM)
Left Spine Down · Voltage 2.3
Meat Beat Manifesto · Totally Together
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Nitzer Ebb · Industrial Complex
Fun to Be Had (George Clinton Edit)
Nitzer Ebb · In Order
Control I'm Here (Hardcore Mix)
Nitzer Ebb · In Order
I Don't Know You
Nitzer Ebb · Industrial Complex
Kick It (Logical Edit)
Nitzer Ebb · In Order
Backlash (Mix No. 2)
Nitzer Ebb · In Order
Nitzer Ebb · In Order
Suck (Down On Your Knees Front Line Assembly Remix)
SKOLD · Suck