The Vampire's Ball Episode July 9, 2011

Broadcast on 09-Jul-2011 Part 1

12:00am - 4:00am

Better late than never - couldn't get here to do the show last week, so this would have been my Canada Day show.

Blocks of music from CanCon Special 2011: Left Spine Down, Front Line Assembly, Fake Shark Real Zombie, Jakalope, and Skinny Puppy.

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Track Listing:

Reset (Maqlu Remix)
Left Spine Down · Smartbomb 2.3
Last Daze (The Birthday Massacre Remix)
Left Spine Down · Voltage 2.3
Hang Up
Left Spine Down · Fighting For Voltage
Angriff (Radioactive Mix by Front Line Assembly)
Front Line Assembly · Angriff
Front Line Assembly · Everything Must Perish
Front Line Assembly · Industrial Revolution: Third Edition
Running For the Razors
Fake Shark Real Zombie · Meeting People Is Terrible
Puke Rawk
Fake Shark Real Zombie · Meeting People Is Terrible
Six Sixk Suck
Fake Shark Real Zombie · Meeting People Is Terrible
designer drugs
fake shark real zombie · zebra zebra
Witness (Sin City Remix by HighJacker)
Jakalope · Things That Go Jump In the Night
Pretty Life (The Respirator Remix)
I Wanna Die (Reborn Mix)
Deep Down Trauma Hounds (Remix)
Skinny Puppy · 12 Inch Anthology
Worlock (Rhys Fulber Remix - Eye of the Beholder Mix)
Skinny Puppy · Remix Dys Temper
Censor (Guru Remix - The Gutter Mix)
Skinny Puppy · Remix Dys Temper
Shortwave Connector
Cevin Key · The Dragon Experience
cEvin Key · The Ghost of Each Room
Greenhouse Gasses
cEvin Key · Music For Cats
Maqlu ·
Paws Off
Maqlu ·
XVI The Tower
Maqlu · The Maqlu Tarot
The Trap I Am In Now (Demo)
Lust Potion #9
Unit 187 · Capital Punishment
Plateau · Gort Spacebar
Red Eyes (Phil Western Original Mix)
Phil Western · Red Eyed Stalker
7 Hours
phh!k · phh!k
Go Down to the 20room/Gunung Batur/Your Soul in a Brown Paper Bag
Hellenkeller · Demonstration
Numb · Language of Silence
Numb · Language of Silence
Numb · Language of Silence
Distorted Relations
Numb · Language of Silence
Orange Pony
Hilt · Orange Pony
Calling on the Stars
Stayte · Cognitive Dissonance
The Hidden World
Copyright · The Hidden World
Rock Machine
Copyright · The Hidden World