The Vampire's Ball Episode September 11, 2010

Broadcast on 11-Sep-2010

12:04pm - 4:04am

Last night's special guest was Phil Western of Download and PlatEAU. Phil and I chatted about a wide range of topics from the upcoming Download tour dates to the Vancouver scene [studio and otherwise] to conspiracy theories, the state of the music industry and music creation, sociology... all sorts of stuff.

We also threw on a long stretch of music in the middle with tracks from Ariel Pink, Hellenkeller, Phil's own work, Test Dept., Gnome & Spybey, and more.

The show is bookended by new tracks from Faderhead at the beginning prior to Phil's arrival and new Raggedy Angry at the tail end.

Always a pleasure to have Phil on, of course I forgot to bug him for a status report on Hello World, his project with Tom Anselmi [Slow and Copyright], but hey, ya can only fit so much in.

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