The Vampire's Ball Episode February 20, 2010

Broadcast on 20-Feb-2010 Part 2

2:00am - 4:00am

The show continues with Douting Thomas, Download, Portion Control, Pigface, Left Spine Down, NIN, Fake Shark Real Zombie, KMFDM and one last ohGr track from the new Welcome to Collidoskope Remixed collection.

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Track Listing:

Monstrous Bulk
Portion Control · Surface and Be Seen
He Is a Barbarian
Portion Control · Surface and Be Seen
The Good The Bad and the Druggly
Pigface · 6
I Wanna Be Sedated
The Ramones · Ramonesmania
Prozac Nation (Skold Mix)
Left Spine Down · Voltage 2.3
Drug (Alternate Mix)
Duran Duran · Do You Believe In Shame? 12"
The Perfect Drug (The Orb Remix)
Nine Inch Nails · The Perfect Drug
Designer Drugs
Fake Shark Real Zombie
Collidoskope (Fractured Mirrors Mix by Darkscene
ohGr · Welcome to Collidoskope Remixed
Don't Blow Your Top (Adrian Sherwood Mix)
KMFDM · Extras Vol. 1
Disgust (12" version)
KMFDM · Extras Vol. 1