The Vampire's Ball Episode February 13, 2010

Broadcast on 13-Feb-2010 Part 1

12:01am - 12:01am

This week I throw a musical temper tantrum over a certain massive waste of public resources. Included in my fury is music from Ministry, NIN, Rammstein, Test Dept., Pigface, Pailhead, Moev, Front 242, Cabaret Voltaire, Skinny Puppy, Boyd Rice, and KMFDM.

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Track Listing:

Ministry · The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste
We Believe
Ministry · Twitch
Head Like a Hole
Nine Inch Nails · Pretty Hate Machine
Rammstein · Reise Reise
Test Dept. · The Unacceptable Face of Freedom
The Crusher
Test Dept. · The Unacceptable Face of Freedom
Fight the Power
Pigface · 6
Pailhead · Trait
Yeah Whatever (Extended)
Moev · Yeah Whatever
Moev · Alibis
Rerun Time
Front 242 · Official Version
News Television Station
Front 242 · Official Version
Cut the Damn Camera
Cabaret Voltaire · Sensoria 12"
Keep On
Cabaret Voltaire
Yes He Ran
Skinny Puppy · Censor 12"
Skinny Puppy · Censor 12"
The End of the World
Boyd Rice · The Way I Feel
Theme From Pearls Before Swine
Boyd Rice · The Way I Feel
KMFDM · Blitz
Piggy Bank [Shock Mix]
KMFDM · Extras vol. 1
Money [Death Before Taxes Mix]
KMFDM · Extras Vol. 1
Money Song
Monty Python · Monty Python Sings
User Friendly
Marilyn Manson · Mechanical Animals
Marilyn Manson · The Golden Age of Grotesque
Marilyn Manson · The Golden Age of Grotesque
Juke Joint Jezebel
KMFDM · Retro
Love Cuts
Chris & Cosey · Take Five
Strangelove [Pain Mix]
Depeche Mode · Strangelove
Flowers of Romance
Public Image Ltd. · Plastic Box
blue monday
new order · blue monday 12"