The Vampire's Ball Episode October 3, 2009

Broadcast on 03-Oct-2009 Part 2

2:04am - 4:05am

And we continue on our merry way with a little Cabaret Voltaire before getting into some Test Dept. and Smersh - the latter band was one I heard about from Dave "Rave" Ogilvie. And oh lucky day, we have a teensy bit of it buried in the vaults at CiTR that I was able to dig up.

After that, onto some Front 242, some Skinny Puppy and a little cEvin Key solo work closes out the show.

Be sure to also grab part 1 of this week's show, featuring music from Left Spine Down, RevCo, ohGr, Ministry, Electric Hellfire Club, and KMFDM.

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