The Vampire's Ball Episode September 12, 2009

Broadcast on 12-Sep-2009 Part 1

12:00am - 4:00am

Part one of this week's show saw Dave "Rave" Ogilvie popping into CiTR HQ fo a chat and some selections from Dave's collection of obscure industrial records. (Well, not just industrial, of course...)

Let's see, we played some Cabaret Voltaire, some Keith LeBlanc, Pailhead, Nitzer Ebb, Chris & Cosey, Diamanda Galas, Test Dept., Neubauten, Lustmord, Coil, SPK, Current 93, Borghesia, Controlled Bleeding, Etant Donnes... oh, and a RevCo remix too.

Questions, commetns, requests?

Show playlists, etc:

Track Listing:

Cabaret Voltaire
Major Malfunction
Keith LeBlanc · Major Malfunction
No Bunny
Pailhead · No Bunny
Nitzer Ebb · Murderous
October (LoveSong) '86 Version
Chris & Cosey · Funky Alternatives
La Trezieme Revient
Diamanda Galas · Saint of the Pit
The Unacceptable Face of Freedom
Test Dept. · The Unacceptable Face of Freedom
Adler Kommt Spater
Einstuerzende Neubuten · Smack My Crack!
Lustmord · Paradise Disowned
The Anal Staircase
Coil · The Anal Staircase EP
Invocation (to Secular Heresies)
SPK · Zamia Lehmanni (Songs of Byzantine Flowers)
Oh Coal Black Smith
Current 93 · Swastikas For Noddy
Ni Upanja, Ni Strahu (No Hope, No Fear)
Borghesia · No Hope No Fear
Scourge Tides
Controlled Bleeding · Dry Lungs A Compilation of Industrial Music From Around the World
La Couer Sert le Corps
Etant Donnes · Dry Lungs A Compilation of Industrial Music From Around the World
TV Mind (It's In My Brain version)
Revolting Cocks · Fight
Astral Dustbin Dirge
Nurse With Wound · Homotopy to Marie
I Cannot Feel You As the Dogs Are Laughing and I Am Blind
Nurse With Wound · Homotopy to Marie
Geiger Counter
Kraftwerk · Radio-Activity
Kraftwerk · Radio-Activity
Kraftwerk · Radio-Activity
Kraftwerk · Radio-Activity
Kraftwerk · Radio-Activity
Kraftwerk · Radio-Activity
Die Liebe
Laibach · Nova Akropola
Laibach · Nova Akropola
Vade Retro
Laibach · Nova Akropola
Laibach · Nova Akropola
Laibach · Nova Akropola
Feel It
Jakalope · It Dreams