The Spice of Life Episode August 25, 2016

The Moog

7:30pm - 9:00pm

Today I mixed things up by playing progressive electronic music instead of post-rock. What a journey! I attempt to illustrate the connection between early progressive electronic music and post-rock. The moog is excellent and everyone should appreciate it a little more.

Track Listing:

Disintegration Anxiety
Explosions in the sky · The Wilderness
Infinity Shred · Sanctuary
They forgot who they were
Apricot Rail · Surry Hills
Black Fog
Atra Aeterna · Machinations
Dionne-Bregent · deux
Swingin' Spathipyllums
Mort Garson · Enjoy Don't Destroy
O Nos Omnes
Pascal Languirand · De Harmonia Universalia
Julia Kent · Character
You are my winter
Dillon · Silence Kills
Me & anodyne
Hundred Waters · Hundred waters
Jean Michel Jarre · Equinox