The Spice of Life Episode July 14, 2016

The Japanese Math Rock Hole

7:30pm - 9:00pm

A variety of post rock music for your ears. We cover new-wave post rock, Japanese female fronted math rock, progressive rock, and some more conventional post-rock. It's a wild ride!

Track Listing:

Turn off That Star
Imploding Stars · Young Route
Hammer Without Hand
Flies are spies from hell · Underdog Underfoot
Haisuinonasa · Reflection
tricot · Single
Warpaint · The fool
Gimme A Reason
Tabar · Hugs EP
Everything Changes
We Are The City · Violent
Canyons (Grand or Otherwise)
My Dad vs yours · Winning Hearts and Minds
Snow Eaters
A Nice Day For an Earthquake · Seasons
ANIZVARA · anisvara
Cast Shadows on Clouds
Tunturia · Maps