The Spice of Life Episode June 2, 2016

7-11 Pizza

7:30pm - 9:00pm

Post-rock and a couple rants as per the usual recipe.

Track Listing:

Pure as Snow (Trails of the winter storm)
Mono · Hymn to the immortal world
People of unknown origin are
My dad vs yours · Winning Hearts and Minds
Spill Kit
Open · Breathtaking views
Laugh Track
Yes Bear · Glimmer
East Side Glory
Marnie Stern · Chronicles of Marnia
Nail Salon · Radcity
Origami JP · Trains EP
Picastro · Metal Cares
tomydeepestego · TMDE
and Technological Advancements
Sioum · Yet Further
When you sleep
My Bloody Valentine · Loveless