The Spice of Life Episode May 19, 2016

Birdcalls and Electric Monocycles

7:31pm - 9:00pm

Todd and I discuss post-rock and nonsense while listening to post-rock and our own non-sense.

Track Listing:

At The End of Everything
Spruce Trap · Foundation
Original Script
Derrival · Arrivals and Departures
Appalaches · Mon
Android 16 · Endless
The Day is Dying
...And The Earth Swarmed With Them · You Are Mortal
Surry Hills
Apricot Rail · Surry Hills
As The Poets Affirm · I Want to Tell My Heart to You. But I Cannot Say English
wind in her hair
Motorama · Alps
Coeur · Horizons
Acquired Immunity
Coronal Mass Ejection · EP