The Spice of Life Episode April 21, 2016

CiTRs Best Sesame Street Themed Post-rock Show

8:00pm - 9:00pm

Post-rock+Sesame Street x Bad Impressions equals a fun time! Ah ah ah ah...

Track Listing:

Bob Marley's Tesseract
Polarhorse · Data
Hot Avalanche
Zoo Strategies · Zeus Tragedies
To Reiterate
Yes Bear · DAMMIT
Fleur De Lis · In the midst of chaos there is stillness
Always Dreaming of Things to Come
miaou · All Around Us
Sleeping Under The Frozen Roses
The IMPALA · The Gods Keep Us On The Ground
59 Days
Somniferous · 59 Days / Light Dream
A Waltz with the Seventh Crane
Sleepstream · A Waltz with the Seventh Crane