The Spice of Life Episode October 8, 2015

Morse Code

7:59pm - 9:04pm

Kaitlyn comes on the show for some post rock. We talk music, small talk, and get to the bottom of my username.

Track Listing:

Sometimes when you lose, you win
Man an Ocean · This is not about who's gonna win
Weekend Dad
Zoo Strategies · Separation
Predecessor Predecessor
Don't You (,) Mean People · Who Cares?
The Chronicles of Marnia
Marnie Stern · The Chronicles of Marnia
The Front Bottoms · The Front Bottoms
Gegor Samsa · s/t
We Called For An Ambulance But A Fire Engine Came
Maybeshewill · Not For Want Of Trying
Gazania Blossom
Mooncake · Zaris