The Spice of Life Episode July 16, 2015

Slick Raps & Burger Facts

7:30pm - 9:00pm

Callum joined the show today for nonsense. In line with that nonsense we had a rap battle that was great/bad. Post-rock broke up the banter. The spice of the day is paprika and apparently it's good in hamburgers.

Track Listing:

ripped from the soil
kuato · the great upheaval
By and By I Come
Lampshade · Because Trees Can Fly
some are lakes
land of talk · land of talk
Black Woods
Mono · Gone
Concrete Plans
Summering · Summering
Tennis Shoes
JPNSGRLS · Circulation
A Blight on the Land
Amanita · The World is Dead Prose To Me
The Birth And Death Of The Day
Explosions In The Sky · All Of A Sudden I Miss Everyone