The Spice of Life Episode July 2, 2015

This Episode Is Made Of Old Dogs

7:30pm - 9:00pm

Clara came on todays show. We talked about my butt and also tried to sneak a list of words into conversation. Praise Post-rock

Track Listing:

Winter Notes
Picastro · Red Your Blues
Das Malefitz
Faunts · Feel.Love.Thinking.Of
Spiral · Post-Rock PL Compilation
Your Eyes
The City Gates · Collapse
Hope For The Departed
Code 1 · Hope For The Departed
Comrades · The Refugee
Jill, Jill
Deadstar · Congratulations On Your Happiness
Ghost guitar in the shell
Destroyalldreamers · Demo EP
Black Tortoise of The North
Fugue · YEARS