The Spice of Life Episode May 14, 2015

On The Many Uses Of Garlic Salt

2:00pm - 3:00pm

Shorts are more metal than pants, post rock, and for the last time, please do not snort garlic salt.

Track Listing:

Los Angeles 3600
Balacade · Malaise Era
Smoke & Mirrors
Atra Aeterna · Machinations (Remastered)
Black Moon Empire
Collapse Under The Empire & Mooncake · When The Sun Shines Through
Sphaeras x Two Seas · Moirai
Slow Heat Death
Flies Are Spies From Hell · Underdog Underfoot
Literary non-fiction
As The Poets Affirm · I Wanna Tell My Heart To You But I Cannot Say English
Water Fai · Girls In The White Dream
Amiina · Kurr