The Spice of Life Episode December 11, 2014

Owls, Spies and Scurvy

2:00pm - 3:00pm

Today's spice of the day is cinnamon. Great grey owls are now just alright grey owls. Wash your clothes in the dishwasher. Post-rock is good.

Track Listing:

So Long, Lonesome
Explosions in the Sky · All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone
Rhone · Rhone
Young Glass
Hey Rosetta! · Seeds
Emerald Lake, AB
Said the Whale · Islands Disappear
Cinco De Mayo
Marnie Stern · Marnie Stern
Sounds of Quincy · Sounds of Quincy
From Our Eyes, Into The Fire
Jung People · Gold Bristle!
God is an Astronaut · God is an Astronaut