The Shakespeare Show Episode July 22, 2020

Dan Shakespeare Episode 355

12:05pm - 1:08pm

an eclectic mix of music

Track Listing:

Time Bombs
AstroMancy · Another Smile
In Two
Blue Hawaii · Untogether
Come The Day
The Seekers · Come The Day
Old Star
Devonian Gardens · Old Star
Knock Knock (Who's There)
The Orlons · Don't Hang Up
Juh Fuh Juck Party
Serenader · Single
The News
Tamara Williamson · All Those Racing Horses
Don't Judge
See You Next Thursday · See You Next Thursday
Don't Show It
Angela Munoz · Introspection
Ukulele Lady
Hilo Hattie · Single
Orville Peck · Summertime
Deanne Matley · Single
My Heart Is An Open Door
The Students · Doo Wop High School
12th Street Rag
Roy Smeck · Single
Babymetal · Live -Legend I, D, Z, Apocalypse