The Shakespeare Show Episode January 8, 2020

Dan Shakespeare Episode 338

11:57am - 1:00pm

an eclectic mix of music

Track Listing:

Hughes Macklin · Single
Daniela Andrade · Tamale
Knockin' On Every Door
Roxette · Joyride
Good Lover
Donovan Woods · Both Ways
Moon vs Sun · I'm Going To Break Your Heart
Iron Love
Naliah Blackman · Iron Love
Don't Give In
Andrew Vivona · 10 Other Times
The Regrettes · Seashore
My Baby Needs Me
Yvonne Baker · For Dancers Also
Rock & Roll Train
Dorothy Collins · Single
Out Of The Blue
Julian Casablancas · Phrazes For athe Young
Savannah Grass
Kes · Soca Universe 2019, Vol. 1
See Your Face
Abby Zotz · Local Honey
Nice To Meet You
The Quivers · Nice To Meet You
This Land Is Your Land
Woody Guthrie · Single