The Shakespeare Show Episode August 22, 2018

Dan Shakespeare Episode 269

11:58am - 1:00pm

an eclectic mix of music

Track Listing:

Climbing Higher Mountains
Aretha Franklin · Amazing Grace
Ain't It A Sad Thing
R. Dean Taylor · I Think, Therefore I Am
Cursed Arrows · Rebirth
Loverboy · Get Lucky
Black Magic
Peach Kelli Pop · Gentle Leader
Soft & Sweet
The Devotions · Single
The Prophet Rides Again
Dennis Brown · The Prophet Rides Again
Breakfast In Bed
Lorna Bennet · This Is Lorna Bennett
Twelve Thirty
The Mamas & The Papas · The Mamas & The Papas
Catching Up To Do
Deanne Matley · Because I Loved
Who's Your Lover?
Toronto · Girls Night Out
I'll Be Seeing You
The Five Satins · Let The Good Times Roll
C. W. McCall · Single
Thrill Me
Lou Canon · Suspicious
'Till Then
The Classics · Single
Crawlin' King Snake Blues
John Lee Hooker · Single
Blue Green Red
Rachel Cribby · The Blue Green Red EP