The Rib Episode June 7, 2010

Broadcast on 07-Jun-2010

4:00pm - 5:00pm

from Seuss to Sun; Goblins to Gods

Track Listing:

The Zax
Dr. Seuss · The Sneetches and other stories
Les Kobolds
Univers Zero · Clivages
Becaphulus Bouncing Ball
Aphex Twin · Pi
Univers Zero · Clivages
Here You Are, Hates
Fond of Tigers · A Thing to Live With
Cabaret Hoover
Ben Charest · Le Triplets de Bellville
Straight Edge
Univers Zero · Clivages
Angels and Demons at Play
Sun Ra · Angels and Demons at Play
Les cercles d'Horus
Univers Zero · Clivages