The Permanent Rain Radio Episode February 21, 2017

SOCAN You Choose a Playlist | 21-Feb-17

12:59pm - 1:58pm

The Vancouver Canucks are on their bye week, but Chloe is not! She spins some music from a great batch of Canadian (and B.C.) acts including The MNKD, Real Ponchos, Maiwah, and Well Being. She gives you a tip on how to put together a radical playlist of CanCon artists via Searchlight (ooooo, go vote!). Playlist also features new tracks by Southampton's Palms and Pelicans and Maryland's All Time Low.

Tune in for our Fundrive 2k17 episode on Tuesday, March 14th at 1 pm. <3

Track Listing:

Worn Out
Mood CTRL · Follow
Toria Summerfield · -
Into the Night
Young Neighbours · The Landscaper
American Dream
The MNKD · it's nothing.
Viridian · IV - Single
Cherchez Les Femmes
Real Ponchos · To The Dusty World
Maiwah · In Amongst The Ferns
Breathe In Breathe Out
The Long War · -
Arsoniste · -
Palms and Pelicans · Drowzy - Single
Hands Tied
Well Being · Well Being
Dirty Laundry
All Time Low · Dirty Laundry - Single