The Permanent Rain Radio Episode December 27, 2016

Local Power | 27-Dec-16

12:58pm - 2:01pm

Stealing a page from Amistad's book (#localpower), this episode is dedicated to the 10 nominees for The Permanent Rain Press' 2016 "Local Band/Musician of the Year." Chloe and a re-emerging Natalie give narration to the cool batch of artists, talk hockey, and also sneak in some songs by Vancouver's Douse and Winnipeg's Paisley.


Sending a massive thank you to anyone who has tuned in to our radio show in 2016!

Track Listing:

My Hunter, My Forest
Mu · II
fvde · Transparency.
19 Pound Baby
JPNSGRLS · Divorce
Amistad · Talk Peace to a Wolf
Wallgrin · BIRD/ALIEN
Spin Forever
War Baby · Death Sweats
Best Part of Me
Josh Bogert · S/T
The Zolas · Swooner
Dancing With Giants
Alyssa Baker · Undone
It's Not Over
45 Spacer · It's Not Over - Single
Douse · The Light in You Has Left
Paisley · EP