The Permanent Rain Radio Episode December 13, 2016

Cross Canada | 13-Dec-16

12:59pm - 1:49pm

I lied, I didn't go entirely cross-country with the playlist, but do play a sampling of cool artists from Vancouver (Youngblood), Calgary (Omarandthebear), Saskatchewan (Surf Dads), Montreal (The Sad Birthdays) and Toronto (Muskoka, Comet Control). Unfortunately, the show gets cut short due to a fire alarm in the building, so as far as proper sign-offs go...

Join us on the 27th!

Track Listing:

Silver Spade
Comet Control · Center Of The Maze
Brothers & Sisters
Omarandthebear · Brothers & Sisters - Single
Not This Day
Stick and Poke · Never Going Back
Holding Back
Surf Dads · Summer Vacation
True North
Sierra Lauren · True North
Where I'm At
The Sad Birthdays · Where I'm At - Single
The Rain it Raineth
Dad Thighs · Live at Twin Hollies
Easy Nothing
Youngblood · Feel Alright
Too Much Too Soon
Kid Royal · Too Much Too Soon - Single
We Knew · Not My Circus
Muskoka · Suburbia - Single