The Permanent Rain Radio Episode September 6, 2016

Back-to-School Blues 2 | 6-Sept-2016

1:01pm - 1:56pm

In essentially the sequel to our August 23rd episode, Natalie cheats time and is back for one last episode (she promises) before the back to school blues. We're on-air on UBC's Imagine Day to bring some cool music to the masses, or to anyone tuning in at the station or at home. Music by fun acts including Adera (Vancouver), Alex Mullock (Regina), Megan & Liz (Nashville), Trading Alaska (Ontario), Vacationeer (Bellingham), WiL (Vancouver Island), and much more.

Track Listing:

Vacationeer · Unprepared - Single
Smoke Screen
Adera · Smoke Screen - Single
The Villain
Brooklyn Doran · These Paper Wings
Trading Alaska · We Miss You!
Losing Myself
Megan & Liz · Losing Myself - Single
Gone Away
Alex Mullock · Goodbye Summer
Speak to Carry Us
Douse · The Light In You Has Left
Don't Love You No More
Sadie Campbell · Don't Love You No More - Single
We Are Gold
Winter Buskers · Open Book
Red House
John The Ghost · Sincerely, John the Ghost
Welcome Home · Just Happy To Be Here
Our Song
WiL · Songs