The Permanent Rain Radio Episode June 14, 2016

Fresh tunes with a side of San Felix | 14-June-2016

12:59pm - 1:57pm

Chloe and Natalie spun new releases from Arthur James, Aviva, Loud Forest, The Jins, We Found a Lovebird, Against the Current and Familiar Wild, and also droned about entertainment things. Brett and Ian of San Felix joined us during the latter half for a short chat & live performance!

Track Listing:

We Better Run
Familiar Wild · We Better Run - Single
Trouble For Sure
We Found a Lovebird · Lobby
Arthur James · Anyway... here's "Wonderwall"
Chasing Ghosts
Against the Current · In Our Bones
Spooky Skeletons
The Jins · She's A Looker/Spooky Skeletons
There You Are
Loud Forest · Loud Forest
Aviva · Hype - Single
Graftician · S/T
I Was a Vulture
San Felix · Fire Island