The Permanent Rain Radio Episode May 31, 2016

Look To the Moon | 31-May-2016

12:59pm - 1:58pm

Chloe's playlist of tunes is one hundred percent new music! Sit down (or stand up) and listen to the fresh collection of songs from a handful of our Vancouver favourites including Gabriela Geneva, Fake Shark, John Mutter Was Raised By Wolves, Josh Bogert, as well as Oklahoma's Greyson Chance, LA's Lily Kershaw and Brooklyn's Paperwhite. They're all around good listens.

The weather's been fabulous, so suggested setting is outside in the park or on a ~58 minute ride on transit. Food pairing? Something tasty? Maybe some water to stay hydrated..

We'll be LIVE on Tuesday, June 14th at 1 pm. Our co-host Natalie will be back in studio, and we'll be joined by San Felix. Tune in!

Track Listing:

Beautiful Life
Desiree Dawson · Beautiful Life - Single
Life And Death Of A Star
Sightlines · North
On My Own
Paperwhite · Escape
False Dawn
Old Etc. · False Dawn - Single
John Mutter Was Raised By Wolves · ALL_WAYS - Single
Lindsay Bryan · Half of the Hurt
Run 2 You
Josh Bogert · Run 2 You - Single
For Keeps
Lily Kershaw · For Keeps - Single
Something Special
Fake Shark · Something Special - Single
Laugh Track
Yes Bear · Glimmer
In The Dark
Gabriela Geneva · In The Dark - Single
Hit & Run
Greyson Chance · Somewhere Over My Head