The Permanent Rain Radio Episode March 9, 2016

Hello to a New Month and New Music | 9-Mar-2016

1:02pm - 1:57pm

Chloe rings in March with an all-new episode featuring all-new music. As always, she provides a trusty update on her life as a hockey fan, and also plays some tunes from David Vertesi, Graftician, Bre McDaniel, Sophie Lowe, and Wind-Up Birds. While her episodes are getting progressively shorter, she contends that the music is by no means lacking quality. Does this even make sense?

Track Listing:

Weather Balloon
Speranza · Weather Balloon - Single
Forever Young
David Vertesi · Sad Dad Cruise Ship
Young at Heart
Wind-Up Birds · Young at Heart - Single
Sophie Lowe · EP 2
In Your Wilderness
Alyx Knight · Physical Memory
Tears For The Money
Sleep Science · Tears For The Money - Single
Graftician · Wilderness - Single
woodland telegraph · screendeath summersong
Kitsune · Compass
Bre McDaniel · Light Pollution
Brown Eyes
Tynan · S/T