The Permanent Rain Radio Episode January 27, 2016

In the Studio with Smash Boom Pow

1:01pm - 1:57pm

Ulysses and Zane Coppard of Vancouver alt-rock band Smash Boom Pow joined Chloe in studio to chat about their time in the Peak Performance Project Top 12 and what to expect from their upcoming EP. We were also treated to a live acoustic performance from the duo!

Also spun some cool tracks from HIGHS, Air Combat, Alyssa Baker, The Girl and the Dreamcatcher and Jordan Klassen.

Track Listing:

I Do, Do You?
HIGHS · Dazzle Camouflage
Choose Your Own Adventure
Air Combat · Reki
Written in the Stars
The Girl and the Dreamcatcher · Written in the Stars - Single
Don't Even Know
Matt Storm · S/T
Smash Boom Pow · Do You Feel?
Glad Rags · SMILE
The City We Grow
Atlas Genius · Inanimate Objects
Baby Moses
Jordan Klassen · Javelin
Alyssa Baker · S/T
We Look At The Sky
The Corner · S/T