The Permanent Rain Radio Episode November 12, 2014

Home is where the Heart is | 12-Nov-2014

1:00pm - 2:00pm

Chloe and Natalie curate a collection of tunes from B.C. bands and musicians, our favourite thing! Lots of fresh material by Jordan Klassen, Lovecoast, Did You Die and more.

Track Listing:

Modern Age Kids
Derrival · The Autumn Game / Modern Age Kids 7''
Crushed Pleats
Dralms · Crushed Pleats
Begins With A Return
Van Damsel · Begins With A Return
This Side of Town · #TheStreets
Cote D'Azur
Terrace · Cote D'Azur
Skip Down The Stairs
The Good In Everyone · The Good In Everyone
Did You Die · Sidewinders
Rococode · Banks
Firing Squad
Jordan Klassen · Firing Squad
One Night
Lovecoast · Chasing Tides
Out of the Scenery
Dominique Fricot · If Baby Could Walk
Stay the Night
Willa · Stay the Night