The New Era Episode February 7, 2018

S03E17 : Interview with Emcee Kavi

9:00pm - 10:02pm

This week on the New Era Show we interview veteran Vancouver rapper Emcee Kavi...
We reflect back on his career and get to understand where the driving force behind the music comes from.
The second half of the show features a live performance by Kavi

Track Listing:

Roasting Session
Emcee Kavi · x
Milo · x
Sweet Dream
3rdiiiUth · x
All I need
Noname · x
Over You
Emcee Kavi · x
Miss Christie Lee · x
Cash Rules
Emcee Kavi · x
Junglepussy · x
Mind The Flowers Part 2
MugunCon · x
Bishop Nehru · x
Intro: The Outsider
Flo Kennedy · x