The Late Night Show Episode May 6, 2017

New music from DnB United Podcast; Sigma LIVE - Royal Albert Hall, London - 27th May

12:33am - 8:05am

From the DnB United: Preview the latest tracks up for review and due to drop soon. This past month has seen the release of some killer drum + bass & Jungle tracks the world over. I have also received some incredible new Neurofunk and Jungle prereleases for consideration and review from over a dozen new labels that are too good to not make time and space for. DJ BC 9 is constantly trying to find the next new artist via the labels that are sending me their latest and greatest efforts in the evolving genre of DNB, Jungle and of corse the explosion of Neurofunk DNB that has seen some real talent emerge this last year alone. With Record labels such as Methlab, Bad Taste, Terminal, Eatbrain, Tempo and Invisible the amount of quality tracks is growing. More info, visit for details.

Sigma LIVE - Royal Albert Hall, London - 27th May

Track Listing:

Teddy's Song
Teddy Killerz · Single
June Miller, James Marvel & MC Mota · Single
Redpill · Molecular Music 2
Shadow King (Viper 100 part 3)
Futurebound vs Jaguar Skills · Single
Bleak Shadows
Agressor Bunx · Properties of Addition LP Sampler - EP
Hold On
Madface Ft. Benji · Single
Hurricanes Wild Love
Fred V Grafix · Single
Morning Star (Break Remix)
BCee · Thanks For Joining Us
Wi-Fi Waves
Receptor & Engage · Scatter
Deskai · Vision
The Twins
Misko & Khramer · Single
Mystical Sound · Sakura EP
M:Pathy · Anticipation/Pressure - Single
Take Off
Zbass · Meltdown EP
Bad Tales
Giacomo · Urban Wildlife (Diversity of Drum and Bass)
Kentro · Single
Alex SLK & Underspawn · Single
Everything is Waves
Vince Grain & Rakoon · Single
King Inna Di Jungle
Kubix Ft. Zenyth · Single
Tinderbox · From the Streets, Vol. 2
Reality Check
Bass Sheriff & Theejay · Single
Garden Play
Brainpain & Syrinx · Single
81 94 FX (Stoner Remix)
Dottor Poison & Ethik · From the Streets, Vol. 2
Bratkilla · Melankolia EP
Mass Hysteria
No_Name · Single
4mulate · Alternation - Single
Brainpain · Single
Systematic Slaughter
Logics & Flipz MC · From the Streets, Vol. 2
Gancher & Ruin vs. Splashheads · Psycho Technodrone EP
Lupo & SoLo · Single
Beyond The Wall
Sigma · Life
Lost Away
Sigma Ft. Shakka · Life
Beyond The Wall (Annix Remix)
Sigma · Life
Linear · Single
81 94 FX (Merikan Remix)
Dottor Poison & Ethik · From the Streets, Vol. 2
Silent Witness
Mani Rios · Through The Night/Silent Witness - Single
Beneath Existence
Freqax & Counterstrike · The Sound of Fury
Ms. Jackson
Dubordinate · Single
9000 Faces
Indivision & Clarity · 365 Days
81:94 FX (Lower Bass Remix)
Ethik & Dottor Poison · From the Streets, Vol. 2
Speed Of Light (Andy C Remix)
Pegboard Nerds · Nerds by Nature (The Remixes)
Signature Moves
Phaction Ft. Hugh Hardie · Single
Everything Is One
Fanu · The Silent Watcher
Fanu · The Silent Watcher
Behind The Horizon Of Preconceptions
Keosz · Ava
Arctic Pollen
Dronny Darko · Abduction
Resurrection From The Dust
Keosz · Ava
Pensive · Single
Equanimity Of The Senses
Keosz · Ava
They Took All I Had
Keosz · Ava
Intermission 1 - Crystalline Tunnels
Dronny Darko · Abduction
9000 Faces
Indivision & Clarity · Single
Julien H Mulder · Single