The Late Night Show Episode April 15, 2017

New music including: Sl8r, Scartip & many more.

12:00am - 8:05am

Lowercase Noises - New LP Coming out on 05.19.17

Track Listing:

Archangel (Merikan Remix)
Kroks · Divine Punishment - EP
Warped Space
Synth Force & DJ Ransome · Jungle Xplorers, Vol. 1 - EP
Machine Code · Single
Kronom · Single
Nwo (DnB Portal Podcast)
Telekinesis · Neurology Tour
Next Hype (DnB Podcast)
Telekinesis · Neurology Tour
(DnB Portal Podcast)
Telekinesis/Tremendous · Neurology Tour
(DnB Portal Podcast)
Telekinesis/Embargo · Neurology Tour
Mass Surveillance (DnB Podcast)
Telekinesis · Neurology Tour
Hide and Seek (DnB Podcast)
Telekinesis/June Miller · Neurology Tour
Occult (DnB Podcast)
Telekinesis · Neurology Tour
Inception (DnB Portal Podcast)
Telekinesis/BTK and Optiv · Neurology Tour
Jump (DnB Portal Podcast)
Telekinesis/Gancher, Ruin and Jade · Neurology Tour
The Black Hole (DnB Portal Podcast)
Telekinesis/Smooth · Neurology Tour
Influx (remix) (DnB Portal Podcast)
Telekinesis/Wintermute & Neonlight · Neurology Tour
Scorn (DnB Portal Podcast)
Telekinesis/Magnetude · Neurology Tour
Change the Channel (DnB Portal Podcast)
Telekinesis/Loadstar · Neurology Tour
Fight Club (DnB Portal Podcast)
Telekinesis Ft. Coppa · Neurology Tour
Cut the Midrange (DnB Portal Podcast)
Telekinesis/Rido · Neurology Tour
Elusive (DnB Portal Podcast)
Telekinesis/Black Sun Empire · Neurology Tour
Critical Moment (DnB Portal Podcast)
Telekinesis · Neurology Tour
Rogue (DnB Portal Podcast)
Telekinesis/Audio · Neurology Tour
Movin' (DnB Portal Podcast)
Telekinesis/Rido · Neurology Tour
Blaffer (DnB Portal Podcast)
Telekinesis/Maztek Ft. June Miller · Neurology Tour
Dimension (DnB Portal Podcast)
Telekinesis/Panzer · Neurology Tour
Timewarp (DnB Portal Podcast)
Telekinesis/Sub Focus · Neurology Tour
Think About You (DnB Portal Podcast)
Telekinesis/Tantrum Desire · Neurology Tour
Troglodyte (DnB Portal Podcast)
Telekinesis/Culture Shock · Neurology Tour
Don't Look Back (DnB Portal Podcast)
Telekinesis/Matrix & Futiresound · Neurology Tour
Run the Block (DnB Portal Podcast)
Telekinesis/Document One · Neurology Tour
Whip Slap (DnB Portal Podcast)
Telekinesis/Dimension · Neurology Tour
Cloud 9 (DnB Portal Podcast)
Telekinesis/Calyx & Teebee · Neurology Tour
Metamorphosis (DnB Portal Podcast)
Telekinesis/InsideInfo Ft. Miss Trouble · Neurology Tour
Mind Vortex (DnB Portal Podcast)
Telekinesis/Gravity · Neurology Tour
dnb portal podcast
Karpa & Dejfunk · Neurology Tour
InsideInfo · InsideInfo
Buckfast At Tiffany's
Sl8r · Jungle Xplorers, Vol. 1 - EP
Scartip · Fragments Vol. 2 - EP
ReEdit · Single
The Suffering
Agressor Bunx · Magic Clock/The Suffering
These Feelings
Pennygiles · The All Seeing - EP
Impak · Single
Minka Part-1
Merzbow · Bariken
Merzbow · Bariken
Minka Part-2
Merzbow · Bariken
Minka Part-3
Merzbow · Bariken
Reso · Single
The Stars as My Guide
Northumbria · Markland
Swoof · Single
Aquitted from Illness
Keosz · AVA
In The Smell of the Wolves
Phonothek · Red Moon
Philip G Anderson · Single
Phonothek · Red Moon
The Swiss Illness - New LP Coming out on 05.19.17
Lowercase Noises (Sample) · The Ojito Wilderness EP
Cry From The Abyss
Phonothek · Red Moon
Ad Genua
Maren Montalbano-Brehm · Seven Responses