The Late Night Show Episode April 8, 2017

Ambient Music from Ambient Sleeping Pill.

12:35am - 8:05am

New DnB Portal Podcasts and artists including: Warp Fa2e, Szero, Homeboy, & Frank Lemon.

Track Listing:

DnB Portal Poadcast
Actraiser · Double Trouble
DnB Portal Poadcast
Wachu · Double Trouble
Kill it (Anthrax Remix)
Warp Fa2e · No Fear LP
Nephrollian · Clips EP
Mad Situation
QKHack · Mad Situation/Rave - Single
Infinite Stock
Szero · Single
Frank Lemon · Space EP
Energy Glitch
FiendReflex · Single
Jump Into The Smiley Hole
Monty · Light Wars - Single
Planet X
D Flect · Refraction - Single
No Love
Kenji · No Love/Dead
Artificial Organism (Machine Code Remix)
Homeboy · Projection EP
Nephrollian · Single
Drop it
B2R · Mood Shaker
Turn It Up
Euphonique ft. Kuntri Ranks · Single
Fractal B
Cerebral-Cuts · Single
Second Passage
Darren Harper · Passage for the Listless and Tired
This Domination
Between Interval · Autumn Continent
Blanket Short
Beautumn · Northing
I Am Slowly Dissolving
Microvolt · Just One Day Without Thinking Of Her
Ambienteer · Arromanches
Bubble · Features of Spheres
Gone Today, Here Tomorrow
Tonepoet · So Gently We Go
The First Strands of Galactic Formation (Excerpt)
Matthew Barlow · Edge of Forever
The Medicated Mind
Emptywhale · That Grey Place We Go
Come In The Whisper
Phonothek · Red Moon
Northumbria · Markland
A Perfect Night to Lose Our Way
Magdalene Flowers · Single
Low Sun II
Northumbria · Markland