The Late Night Show Episode July 30, 2016

The Summer Edition

12:29am - 6:10am

We will be back September 10th for Back to School, Back to Work, Back to DNB/Ambient Fall Edition. With songs that were published last summer.

Track Listing:

RAMPAGE 2016 Mix
Hybrid Minds · Live Event
Tomtek x Primal Instinct · Kill Tomorrow Recordings
Cradle · Mindocracy Recordings
Song The Sun
Kelayx · Citate Forms
Space Walk
Ill Logic & Raf · Single
The Passage Of Time (C.A.2K Remix)
Absurd · Future Sickness Records
Journey In The Measurements
Douq · Citate Forms
If You Knew
METACD009 04 SCAR Ft. Naomi Pryor · Single
Midnight Fly
Treex · Liquid Tones
Shmidoo · Future Sickness Records
Matrix (Katharsys Remix)
C.A.2K · Future Sickness Records
Renegade Kicks
SCAR · Renegade Kicks
Control The Chaos VIP
Lowroller · Future Sickness Records
Train Wreck
Katharsys · Future Sickness Records
Flower Of Life
Skarpa · Single
Scareblocker (Syrinx VIP)
Gancher & Ruin · Mindocracy Recordings
The Unspoken
Technimatic · Sibgle
SCAR · The Orkyd Project
You Were Here Again
SCAR Ft. Eleanor Higgins · Single
Aggressive Filth
Nothing To Lose, Hanm & Technine · Grand Theft Audio Soundtrack
This Summer
Satl & Malaky · Single
Feel For You
SCAR Ft. Naomi Pryor · The Orkyd Project
SL8R · Delta9 Recordings
Abstrakt Vision · Single
Drop Frame · Good Karma Music
Early Works
C.C.C.C. · Early Works
Black Day, Silver Sea (Stray Theories Remix)
Parks · Single
Apocryphos · Single
Into the Maw Where All Men Die
Randal Collier Ford · Single
Julien H Mulder · Single
Gentle Mist
Jonn Serrie · Single