The Late Night Show Episode October 3, 2015

Host DJ Rea

12:30am - 7:00am

Late Night Underground Music.

Track Listing:

Redemption (Sigma VIP Remix)
Sigma & Diztortion Ft. Jacob Banks · Redemption
Simpler Times
Break · Simpler Times
The Circus
Akrom · New Talent
I Want 2
GLXY · Limitless Recordings
True Lies
Jon Daze · Soul Deep Recordings
Gradual · Technique Recordings
In The Area
Krakota Ft. Lifford · Citadels
Alexus · LuvDisaster Records
DJ Marky · MP3
Motta · MP3
Let It Go (Silence Groove Remix)
Ji Ben Gong · MP3
Kisses 2 Go (Orig Mix)
Giorgiolive · MP3
Tight Polite (Orig Mix)
Dave Shichman & Dave Owen · MP3
Used to Love Her (Orig Mix)
DJ Clart · MP3
Revelation Machine
KilldaBrain · MP3
It's Over Now (Orig Mix)
In Sight · MP3
No Babylon (Orig Mix)
Abstract People & KilldaBrain · MP3
Get Down (Orig Mix)
Critycal Dub · MP3
Let It Go (Salaryman Remix)
Ji Ben Gong · MP3
Wonderland Avenue (Orig Mix)
DJ Clart · MP3
Desperate Luv
Motta · MP3 (1-00)
Give You Everything (Orig Mix)
Physics · MP3 (1-00)
Showdown (Orig Mix)
DJ Linky feat. Skyeyes · MP3 (1-00)
Birds of Soul (Orig Mix)
Motta & MJT · MP3 (1-00)
Space Chipa
Bass Reflex & DJ Marne · MP3 (1-00)
Into Me (Orig Mix)
Oliver Ferrer · MP3 (1-00)
Bass Reflex & DJ Marne · MP3 (1-00)
I'm Holding Out My Hand (Orig Mix)
Dave Shichman · MP3 (1-00)
Knowing (Orig Mix)
Muwookie · MP3 (1-00)
She Asks Me Why
Bass Reflex · MP3 (1-00)
Fall Apart
riya · MP3 (1-00)
Guess Who Loves You More (Orig Mix)
Imagery · MP3 (1-00)
Bad Time Bad Place
Abstract People feat. Mc Megazimze · MP3 (1-00)
Cooh · MP3
Current Value · Critical Presents: Binary
Face Down
Fient · MP3
Wide Awake
Current Value · MP3
Search and Destroy
Donny · MP3
Lullaby of Cluband
Mathematics · MP3
Cooh · MP3
Last Night
Ugasanie · Swamps of Tunguska
The Hunt
Gideon Wolf · Near Dark
Through the Woods
Ugasanie · Swamps of Tunguska
Angelige Noaten
Peter Broderick & Machinefabriek, Kleefstra/Bakker/Kleefstra, Frahm · Single
The Phenomenon
Ugasanie · Swamps of Tunguska
Lonely Winter Hut
Ugasanie · Swamps of Tunguska
Abandoned Base
Ugasanie · Swamps of Tunguska
Three Parts
Manual · MP3
Forever Itself Becomes
Seth Chrisman & Darren Harper · MP3
A Distant Loss 2
Hakobune · MP3
Purl · MP3
Manual · MP3
Kwajbasket · MP3
Under the Starlit Sky
The Eternal Twilight & The Sound of Rescue · MP3
Blue of Sky
Nobuto Suda · MP3
A Silver Season
Forrest Fang · MP3
Four Nights
Chris H Lynn · MP3
The Mirror of God
Phillip Wilkerson · MP3
Tone Color · MP3