The Late Night Show Episode April 5, 2014

Broadcast on 05-Apr-2014

12:00am - 6:00am

DNB Session. The Panacea, Brainpain, The Hard Way & lots more.

Track Listing:

Icicle · MP3
Think Twice
BCee · MP3
Erre & Alexander Head · MP3
Proton Kid · MP3
Brainpain · MP3
When The Old Gods Rise
Synthakt · MP3
Killing Us (Circular D Remix)
Brainpain · MP3
DJ Darrel & Counterphase · MP3
Every Day
Greenspoon · MP3
Trapmusic Ressurected (Counterstrike Remix)
The Panacea · MP3
Cryptonomicon (C.a.2k Remix)
The Panacea · MP3
Lumpeth (Yellow Stripe)
Limewax · MP3
Halal Breaks
The Hard Way · MP3
Dead Rockstars
The Hard Way · MP3
Look at What You Did to Me
Seathasky · MP3
Sellouts (Brainpain Remix)
Breathe Carolina · MP3
The Record Breaking (N3AR Bootleg)
Chain Reaction · MP3
Pony Pak
Enduser · MP3
Moulin Rouge (Remix)
Ferrite Vizualizer/Dom & Kemal · MP3
Mental Failure
Forbidden Machines & Max Shade · MP3
Holding Onto Heaven (Kove Remix)
Foxes · MP3
F**k You Back To The Stone Age (Brainpain Remix)
Freqax · MP3
Infection (Brainpain Remix)
Lucio De Rimanez · MP3
Distant Lands
Triatik · MP3
Losing You
Tyke and Prestige · MP3
Cold Turkey
Drumsound and Bassline Smith · MP3
New Life
Nero · MP3
Requiem VIP
Nero · MP3
Back 2 you
Pendulum · MP3
Must Destroy
Figure · MP3
Everybody Dance Now
eRRe & Hardlogik · Tech Cycle
N3AR · Strike
Cooh & C-Netik · MP3
I Saw The Light
SiJ · MP3
Painful Loss [Substak Remix]
Solef · MP3
Tears of Infinity
Jii-music · MP3
Mourning the Wendigo
Jii-music · MP3
Jii-music · MP3
Watching the light fade
Darwin Raymond · MP3
Wolven full moon
Jii-music · MP3
The hollow
Jii-music · MP3
Rien/Rain II
Darwin Raymond · MP3
(Not even) hope
Darwin Raymond · MP3
In memory
Darwin Raymond · MP3
The saddest letter of the day
Bing satellites + Daniel Land · MP3
The Heart Can Be a Lonely Hunter
Bing satellites + Daniel Land · MP3
Inside out
Suffering In Solitude · MP3
Cognitive imbalance
Lucas Darklord · Cognitive imbalance