The Jazz Show Episode March 9, 2020

"John Coltrane With The Red Garland Trio"

9:04pm - 12:34am

This pivotal album was really the first of Coltrane's great recordings and the beginning of his ascent. This recording done in August of 1957 while Coltrane was part of Thelonious Monk's great quartet show his immense improvement over his recordings in 1956. Coltrane had settled his demons (alcohol and drugs) and had been inspired by Monk to practice and improve what he started out to be. Coltrane by this recording had become a major influence and along with Sonny Rollins, the most important voice of the tenor saxophone. Here he is with a perfect rhythm section with Red Garland on piano, Paul Chambers on bass and the always swinging Arthur Taylor on drums. The true beginning of Coltrane's greatness right here.

Track Listing:

Abdullah Ibrahim · Echos from Africa
Traneing In.
John Coltrane · Traneing In
Slow dance
John Coltrane · Traneing In
Bass Blues
John Coltrane · Traneing In
You Leave me Breathless
John Coltrane · Traneing In
Soft Lights and Sweet Music
John Coltrane · Traneing In
Speak Low
McCoy Tyner · Inception
McCoy Tyner · Inception
Mox Nix
The Jazztet · Meet The Jazztet
The Jazztet · Meet The Jazztet
It Ain't Necessarily So
The Jazztet · Meet The Jazztet
Passion Dance
McCoy Tyner · The Real mcCoy
Search for Peace
McCoy Tyner · The Real McCoy
African Village
McCoy Tyner · Time For Tyner
The High Priest
McCoy Tyner · Tender Moments
McCoy Tyner · Expansions
My Favorite Things
John Coltrane · Coltrane at Newport (1963)
McCoy Tyner · Echos of a Friend