The Jazz Show Episode September 9, 2019

Leonard Bernstein Narrates: "What is Jazz".

9:04pm - 12:36am

This Jazz Feature is Part 1 of a tradition on this show done at this time of year. Maestro Leonard Bernstein was a person who despite his massive reputation in classical music loved and understood and respected Jazz, it's players and the music. Bernstein was a pioneer through recordings and television who made the complexities of music understandable to the lay person. He succeeded and this album is an example of this as it pertains to Jazz music. Bernstein explains what is and what isn't Jazz and does it in a non-academic way. No matter how many times one hears this recording there is always something new to learn. So we always make this recording available in September when students return to school. Bernstein's narration is augmented not only by his own piano playing but by artists like Coleman Hawkins, Louis Armstrong, Bessie Smith, Phil Woods, Miles Davis etc. Part 1 is all about what makes Jazz unique. Part 2 takes apart a old pop song and demonstrates how musicians from different eras and styles play the tune. "What is Jazz" is worth your time and is educational and entertaining. Thank you Leonard Bernstein.

Track Listing:

What is Jazz (Part 1)
Leonard Bernstein · What is Jazz.
What is Jazz (Part 2).
Leonard Bernstein · What is Jazz
Strode Rode
Sonny Rollins · Sonny in Edmonton (1980)
Sonny and Gavin
Sonny Rollins Interview · Sonny in Edmonton (1980)
Half Nelson
Miles Davis · Miles at Birdland 1951
Miles Davis · Miles at Birdland 1951
Vierd Blues
Miles Davis and Sonny Rollins · Collector's Items
In Your Own Sweet Way
Miles Davis and Sonny Rollins · Collector's Items
Miles Davis · Miles at The Cafe Bohemia
Sonny Rollins · Sonny Rollins Volume 2
Sonnymoon for two
Sonny Rollins · A Night at The Village Vanguard
Grand Street
Sonny Rollins · Sonny Rollins and The Big Brass
Far Out East
Sonny Rollins · Sonny Rollins and The Big Brass
Alfie's Theme
Sonny Rollins · Alfie
The Cutting Edge
Sonny Rollins · The Cutting Edge
Sonny Rollins · What's New?