The Jazz Show Episode October 30, 2017

Tenor saxophonist/composer Hank Bagby: The Hank Bagby Soultet: "Opus One"

9:02pm - 12:40am

Hank Bagby is a name few people would know and is our last obscure but talented musician/leader in this month's series of Jazz Features. Hank Bagby was born in Denver, Colorado in 1923 and began is musical life as a singer in his home town then he ventured to the West Coast and worked in Los Angeles and San Francisco. He took up the saxophone in the late 40s and soon was playing in the Los Angeles underground Jazz scene with people like, pianist Kenny Drew, drummer Frank Butler and many others. He hooked up with piano legend Elmo Hope in 1960 to form the "Bagby-Hope" Quartet but they never recorded and soon after Hope returned to New York. Bagby worked with many bands including Onzy Matthews and was recognised as a fine tenor saxophonist. He never recorded until 1964 and tonight's Jazz feature is his only recording. It's a goody and has until very recently been a valued collector's item. The Japanese issued it on CD in 2012 and one can find it on Amazon. The album is called The Hank Bagby Soultet: "Opus One" and it featured 6 Bagby compositions with Hank on tenor saxophone and the great but obscure trumpet star Chuck Foster. Foster played with Buddy Rich and others. The pianist is the excellent Dave MacKay. MacKay, who is blind from birth has worked with many people in Los Angeles and also in the Hollywood studios. He is a very talented player. The bassists and obscure but good...Gary Driskell on one tune and Al Levitt on drums. Levitt has worked with Stan Getz and Lee Konitz. The 5 other tunes have Al Hines on bass and the better known Charles "Chiz" Harris on drums. This is a solid date with great playing by all and it is as good as anything you'll hear from better known players. Bagby eventually moved to Modesto, California and continued to play locally and worked for the California government as a drug and alcohol counselor until he retired. Bagby died there in December 1993 at age 71. Hank Bagby...a good name to remember and check out!

Track Listing:

Dee Dee
Hank Bagby · Opus One
The Great Wall
Hank Bagby · Opus One
Soul Sonnet
Hank Bagby · Opus One
Kiss me Quigly
Hank Bagby · Opus One
Hank Bagby · Opus One
Algerian Suite
Hank Bagby · Opus One
Mo' Roc
Baby Face Willette · Unseen and Unknown
Round Midnight
George Russell · Ezz-Thetics
The Chill of Death
Charles Mingus · Let My Children Hear Music
Blues for Dracula
Philly Joe Jones · Blues for Dracula
Tune Up.
Philly Joe Jones · Blues for Dracula
Clifford Brown/Max Roach · Brown and Roach in Concert
I Can't get Started
Clifford Brown/Max Roach · Brown and Roach in Concert
Parisian Thoroughfare
Cifford Brown/Max Roach · Brown and Roach in Concert
Clifford Brown/Max Roach · Study in Brown
Hot House
Clifford Brown/Max Roach · Live at the Bee-Hive
P.J.Perry · Alto Gusto
Ivy League Blues
Ron Jefferson · Love Lifted Me
George Russell · Ezz-Thetics
The Thang.
Ronnie Matthews · Doin' The Thang!