The Jazz Show Episode May 20, 2013

Broadcast on 20-May-2013

9:02am - 12:28pm

Pianist/composer Freddie Redd occupies a small but important place in Modern Jazz. A self-taught and resourceful musician, Freddie Redd worked hard throughout the 1950's to establish himself on the New York Jazz scene. His breakthrough came when he signed with Blue Note Records and recorded his "Music For The Connection" with his quartet. The Connection was an off-Broadway play put on by The Living Theatre that was about drug addicts and featured Freddie's band in playing and speaking roles. It had a long run. The recording was highly praised and sold very well. This record is for this writer Freddie Redd's masterpiece and was his second Blue Note date. It features his quintet playing all Freddie's great compositions. The playing is superb and the band is tight. All of Freddie's tunes have substance and it's a shame that Blue Note didn't promote this recording very well as it soon became a collector's item. The people involved are Jackie McLean on alto saxophone, Tina Brooks on tenor saxophone, Paul Chambers on bass, Louis Hayes on drums and of course Freddie Redd on piano. Mr. Redd told this writer that this was his favourite recording of his own wok and was very proud of this date. Check out "Shades of Redd" reall is a masterpiece!