The Jazz Show Episode May 6, 2013

Broadcast on 06-May-2013

9:03pm - 9:03pm

This intimate get together between two musically related people became an instant classic. It was a true meeting of minds by two of the most prominent Jazz players. Pianist Bill Evans and guitarist Jim Hall are not only known for their individuality but their musicality. They are both virtuosi who don't need to show off their chops on every tune. They are humble to the MUSIC, first and foremost. They met in 1959 at the Lenox School of Music where they were teaching and established a mutual admiration society. This came to fruition on this duet recording done in April and May of 1962 for United Artists Records called "Undercurrent" The two men explore a variety of great standard and non-standard tunes plus an original by Jim Hall and one by John Lewis. The result is one of the essential Jazz recordings. Undercurrent is an album of great creativity, intense introspection and wonderful lyricism by Evans and Hall.