The Jazz Show Episode February 18, 2013

Broadcast on 18-Feb-2013

9:04pm - 9:04pm

This was the third recording of this famous suite called "Black,Brown and Beige" which had it's genesis at Carnegie Hall in 1943. Ellington wrote this as a "tone parallel to the history of the American Negro"(sic).Ellington pared the suite down from it's original hour form to this 35 minute version by focusing on two main themes that recur throughout the suite. The marvel of this version is the appearance of the foremost Gospel singer of any era....Ms. Mahalia Jackson. The surprise is that she agreed to sing with Ellington as she had always refused for religious reasons to sing with a Jazz orchestra but she was so moved by the music and it's intention that she agreed. Her voice is heard on the beautiful "Come Sunday" and the 23rd Psalm that ends the suite.So here then is the Ellington masterpiece full of fine solos by members of his stellar organization plus ms. Jackson. "Black,Brown and Beige!"

Track Listing:

Tears For Ol' Miss
John Handy · New View
Calypso Minor
Abdullah Ibrahim · No Fear, No Die
Garvey's Ghost
Max Roach · Percussion Bitter Sweet
The Freedom Suite
Sonny Rollins · The Freedom Suite
Jazz Feature:
A Suite in 6 parts.
Duke Ellington · Black,Brown and Beige
Freedom Dance
Oliver Nelson · Afro/American Sketches