The Jazz Show Episode November 19, 2012

Broadcast on 19-Nov-2012

9:04pm - 9:04pm

This great edition of the Kenton band performs one of composer/arranger Johnny Richards' masterpieces. It's a seven part suite called "Cuban Fire". Richards was born in Mexico of Spanish and Mexican parentage and this suite reflects not only his influences from the great modern classical composers like, Bartok, Stravinsky, Hindemith etc but also his Latino background. This edition of the Kenton band was fill of great soloists and they add to the expansive drama of this suite. Players like saxophonists, Lucky Thompson, Bill Perkins and Lennie Niehaus all solo here as do trombonists Carl Fontana, Bob Fitzpatrick and Kent Larsen. Trumpeters, Vinnie Tano and Sam Noto are heard as well . The Kenton band is driven by guitarist Ralph Blaze, bassist Curtis Counce and drum great Mel Lewis and is also driven by a Latin percussion ensemble and two tympani players. "Cuban Fire" is one of Kenton's best recordings and a favorite of people who don't really like the Kenton band! "Fuego Cubano!" on tap tonight!

Track Listing:

So What
Miles Davis · Miles at Carnegie Hall
I've Found a new Baby
Lester Young · The Lester Young Trio
I Cover The Waterfront
I Want to Be Happy
Back to the Land
For Minor's Only
Jimmy Heath · The Thumper
Who Needs It?
The Thumper
When You Meet Her.
Toshiko Mariano · The Toshiko/Mariano
Toshiko's Elegy
Jazz Feature:
Cuban Fire
Stan Kenton · Cuban Fire!
Valiant Conga
Who Knows?
The Fair One Dances
The Fortune of Fools
Three Hearts
Somethin' Special
Sonny Clark · Leapin' and Lopin'